Hello! My name is Anthony.

I intend to stand for election as Prime Minister of Austenasia in 2019.

I’ve been an Austenasian since 2016. I am the Baron of Amerdansk, and its Representative also.

I want to preserve everything about Austenasia we all love – but I want to drive change, too.

I want to introduce legislation allowing citizens to incorporate businesses – and I’ll create a new Ministry of Commerce to assist entrepreneurs.

The planet is drowning in plastic. Austenasia has a duty to reduce its environmental impact, and so I will bring in new laws requiring public authorities to minimise their plastic waste.

I want to reform our legal system. I’ll make the courts more easily available – and I’ll work to codify Acts of Parliament, to make the law more accessible.

I’ll introduce a new Equalities Bill that will expand on existing constitutional and statutory rights, protecting everyone from discrimination.

To protect Austenasia’s interests, both at home and abroad, I’ll replace the old State Intelligence Agency with a new Imperial Security Service. I’ll make sure it has all the powers it needs to serve our nation – but it will be carefully regulated as well, to protect everyone’s rights.

I am the author of the Freedom of Information Bill, which is currently being voted on in Parliament. As your Prime Minister, I will continue to promote good, transparent government. I will conduct a prompt and thorough review of how we operate, to identify any ways we can be more open and accessible to the public.

I believe I am the best person to serve as your Prime Minister. As well as being a highly experienced micronational politician, I am a leading micronational lawyer and legislative draftsman. I am very familiar with the workings of international organisations such as the Grand Unified Micronational, and I have had extensive involvement in micronational media and journalism.

I am proud to be an Austenasian. I hope you will trust me with your vote for Prime Minister.